About Us

How we got started...

For several years, founder Susan Fowler searched for the perfect monthly book club that could send her a new science-related book each month. She contacted publishers and existing retailers and subscription services, asking them to start such a book club, but none of them were interested. Finally, in January 2017, Susan gave up on asking others to make it happen, decided to start her own monthly book subscription service, and "Susan's Book Club" was born.

Our Mission

Our mission here at Susan's Book Club is to find the most interesting books (both new and old) and introduce them to our readers. We are passionate about reading books that will change the ways we see the world, sharing and reading great writing, and contributing to sharing knowledge about things that matter. 

Meet Susan

Founder of Susan's Book Club.

Susan is an author, editor, and engineer.

She currently works at Stripe. 

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